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April 10, 2018
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May 9, 2018

Website Development – 3 Essential Elements Reinforcing Each Other’s Impact:

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Website development is a daunting task as if you are moving into a new house, at an entirely different place. Often people get stuck at the entrance gate of the design process. It’s mainly because of the diversity, volume and complexity of three significant elements overlapping in parallel processing.

These include;

  • Visual Design
  • Content Development
  • Information Architecture

To become the industry leaders, you need to deal with modern business challenges. If you haven’t turned your site into a responsive, mobile-first-index entity yet, then you have to do it now. These buzz words are transforming the way people do business. When it comes to eCommerce sites, the Austin web design experts focus more on mobile devices and cover all sorts of browsers; not knowing which platform and browser a customer will use to access and use a website. They include them all.

The basics of a responsive website seem too simple from requirement analysis to idea conception and planning, UI design, development, integration and testing, quality check and final delivery – deployment, maintenance and upgrades as per client’s demand and satisfaction. It’s not an easy to cope subject. The majority of the people ask what’s responsive design, it’s pros and cons, how the site will appear and organized, and how it will be optimized for SEO and shopping carts, etc. Unless you hire a professional web design company it will seem like a Mount Everest to climb.

Understanding the Basic Frameworks of Overlapping Web Design Processes:

web design

Everything starts with the user experience. We are living in the digital world where customer behavior and preferences drive the business success. We also depend on social networking sites, and lousy rating (a negative review, one star or thumbs down) can make you lose a considerable number of potential customers.

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Web design is a long-lived, perpetual tactic to master for creating a coherent user experience across all devices and browsing platforms and a professional web design agency can do this task perfectly because he was massive experience in this industry and also has the best tools to produce captivating designs. Now a days, it becomes true when a web design team understands the basics of overlapping sets of tasks from content gathering and curation to products and services information and designing a seamless, visually robust navigation system.

These collaborative processes of UX and UI design allow the users to browse a website with ease.

Visual Design:

web design trends

It defines the overall feel and functionality of a website. In simple words, how a site looks like; how attractive, accessible and navigable it appears.

The job if a web design expert is to place everything from logo to business message, unique selling proposition, call-to-action buttons and all graphical elements in an engaging visual structure

A compelling design is one that has zero distractions and which delivers consistent branding across all visual aspects; be it a company profile, brochures or business card, etc. Presentation matters.

For instance, Disney characters will stay lovable with their original look and feel. If you give them a metallic look like that of Voltron characters with metallic suites the target audience (children)won’t like it much. It’s quite apparent because they are habitual of their original creative visuals and therefore more likely to resist the change. Moreover, it will tear Disney’s USP to pieces as it will lose the branding worth by copying Netflix series of animated cartoons.

Admit that people caught up in visually strong web designs complementing the brand’s unique selling point.

Content Development:

content design

Content makes the web design more subtle and appealing. It needs to be developed around user-centric experience as it’s the core essence of a website.

For example, an online magazine offering dining, shopping, and travel packages, etc., and partners with a wide range of service provider in same niches (restaurants, retailers, and tourism companies, etc.). Now, the respective website will have the content accordingly – properly categorized services from dining to shopping, leisure, and events, etc.

It shows consumer relevancy and the users will hit the areas of their choice without getting lost in a randomly placed content. To reach out the things you need is an old story. Today, whatever you want comes to you; want to entertain yourself?  Open an app, want food, push online order, likes some outfit, add to shopping cart, pay and get it delivered at your doorstep.

These days, people want everything effortlessly and instantaneously. Therefore, websites need to deliver what users demand quickly. Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the website designer to create the sites that serve the target audience timely and efficiently. Content development plays a vital role in this regard; be it textual, animated or videography.

Web design is the voice of the brand on the internet represented through functional and visual appeal, and content development is the real essence as it gives the clear message to the target audience. If the content isn’t persuasive and fails to fulfill the purpose an eCommerce site is planned to accomplish, it will be detrimental to web design that’s supposed to portray a clear and intelligible brand statement.

Information Architecture:

Information architecture is the organization of web design and development around content and how users can navigate all over the website.

The contextual elements of clear, concise and smooth navigation embed in website designing framework that allows the visitors to focus on specific content while steering through other sections at any point. The information design is meant to make user-centric information easily accessible to site visitors by direct integration of widgets and links in the content.

For dynamic, interactive sites this element allows the website visitors to drive on their own by finding the desired information and operate smoothly. However, being nearly invisible compared to visual design and content, it’s often overlooked by the website designers.

Here, web developers are also responsible for ensuring the perfect site functions based on well-organized content and easy-to-navigate design. The best possible solution to consider is the use of CMS system that helps manage, update and monitor content while site’s design is dictated and looked after by separate coding. It saves time and money without disrupting the site’s information design.

Final Thought:

In brief, watchfully incorporate web design, content development and information architecture in the due process of website development. Remember, to make the best use of these parallel processes that they strengthen the impact of each of the broader interest of building a lucrative website to meet your branding needs.

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